A$AP Ferg Describes Being Awestruck During His Visit To Jay Z & Beyoncé’s Mansion


Jay Z and Beyoncé are undoubtedly one of the most private couples in the entertainment industry. The married parents of three have been together for almost 20 years, and while there has been much speculation during that time regarding elevator fights, breakups, infidelities, or anything related to their home life, the pair have managed to keep their personal business under lock and key.

Fans were able to get a glimpse into what being at the mega-luxury home of Jay and Bey might be like after A$AP Ferg described his experience at their mansion. The Harlem rapper visited SiriusXM’s Shade45 and detailed his arrival at a party at the top of the year. “I went to Jay house for New Year’s and Blue [Ivy] came running to the door,” the rapper began. “I was like, I’m in a f*ckin’ dream. This n*gga has a golf cart that drives down to his f*ckin’ house from the gate. I opened the door—or somebody opened the door for me with white gloves—I walk in. Blue. You only see Blue in Google pictures. I’m sayin’, oh, she’s a real baby in real life.”

“Then I look downstairs and I see Beyoncé moms,” Ferg continued. “And I see Jay talkin’ to Steve Stoute so I’m like, this [is] this n*ggas house, for real. N*gga, I’m seeing real Basquiats in the kitchen and sh*t. N*gga. Rothko paintings. Beyoncé got sculptures in there.” The atmosphere was a little overwhelming for Ferg, but he did have a moment to ask Jay a personal question, one-on-one.

As they were taking a tour of the house, Ferg stopped Jay to have a Brooklyn to Harlem heart-to-heart. Ferg asked him, with being in that house and seeing what his wealth can buy: “What does that feel like to you?” Jay allegedly responded, “Sometimes I wake up and I don’t even feel like it’s mine. Still.”

Ferg goes on to comment on the Illuminati conspiracy theories that have floated around for years, stating that the black community must not think much of themselves if they truly believe that success is only obtainable through the selling of your soul to some secret organization. “We are amazing people,” he said. Meanwhile, some have commented that they appreciated Ferg’s story, but they don’t expect that he’ll be invited back after telling it. Check it out below.