A-Trak & Todd Terry Celebrate the House Grind On 'DJs Gotta Dance More': Listen


Anyone can grab a laptop, download a production program and start making noise, but real funk comes at a cost. It takes years careful listening and learning from the best just to get that special inspiration. You've got to know your history across genres, then you've got to put even more time into learning the techniques. Even still, you've got to turn yourself inside out to find your voice, then put your guts on the table and invite the world into your soul -- and you're going to have to listen to the same two seconds on a loop for hours. That's how you get the details right.

It's not always glamorous on the road to legendary status, but that's why you've got to really love the grind. A-Trak and Todd Terry don't take a moment the hustle for granted, and that's why they've worked with everyone from Kanye West to Daft Punk. They're dedicated to their craft and the culture, and they celebrate both on an extra-smooth groove called "DJs Gotta Dance More." Terry provides the cool commentary, looking back on the days that drove his mom nuts, recounting time spent digging through crates records to find hidden gems.

You could listen to this in the morning as a pep talk. If the steady beat isn't enough to get you going, Terry's heartfelt prose will give your psyche some momentum. The absolutely delectable house tune is out now on A-Trak's Fool's Gold. If you're an aspiring DJ or producer, you may also be inspired to submit your application for A-Trak's second-annual Goldie Awards competition, which is currently accruing contestants for its New York City event in November.

Learn more about the Goldies online, and get in the mood with "DJs Gotta Dance More" below.