A Timeline of Zedd & Diplo's Feud


If there's one thing we know about fans popular electronic dance music, it's that they love a front-row seat to industry beef. As sure as rave kids call Skrillex "Sonny," they'll foam at the mouth for a public meme-f between feuding producers and chime in with their own opinions about international stars. Perhaps there's a feeling closeness to be gained. We're all in on the joke together, so it seems, and there are certainly more than a few lol's to be had -- especially when Diplo brings out the gag guns, as he's doing to Zedd once again in a reinvigorated Twitter beef that started way back in 2015.

The Major Lazer headmaster and the "Clarity" kid used to be friends. We may never know what originally set the pair rocketing in different directions, but we know when fans first caught a glimpse sour grapes. Today, we take a close look at this timeless feud between giants. Who takes home the "W," and whose records speak for them? You decide for yourself.

2015: Diplo Thinks True Colors Is a --poop emoji--

Perhaps Diplo enjoyed Zedd's debut LP Clarity, but whatever love existed died by the time the latter's 2015 follow-up dropped. That, or Diplo thought he was fering a friend some constructive criticism. Maybe a public social media platform isn't the kindest way to break harsh news, but it's apparently the forum in which Diplo felt most comfortable. Riding high on recent collaborations with Madonna, Diplo tweeted (and then deleted) the blunt message that True Colors was simply a poop emoji. At the time, there was no direct response.

Diplo explained a bit further in an interview with Radio.com, calling Zedd's relationship with Selena Gomez fake, making it out to be that he had nothing but his friend's best intentions at heart. Though it's since been deleted, the archived article contains this quote: "I’m actually not enemies with Zedd by any means. I just think that he came from such a cool place, and now he’s been pegged as a money-maker for a major label to do EDM, which to me isn’t even a genre. But they’ve pegged him for that, they’ve marketed him, even the fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all the things to sell records took away from the music. He’s an amazing producer and good songwriter. I just feel like…I was hoping he’d come out the scene and do something."

2016: "The Candy Man" Can't Even

The feud was further fueled in March 2016 when Diplo returned to Twitter, this time begrudging Zedd's recent work for an M&M's commercial featuring a dance cover "The Candy Man" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory featuring Aloe Blacc. Diplo accused Zedd biting Flume's style, to which Zedd responded he should "do us all a favor and" STFU.

Diplo responded by saying “your (sic) young and rich and a talented musician...," adding “also I fucked your girl" at the end. Zedd responded with one word. "You're."

Never one to miss out on a chance to throw his applause into a clap-back competition, deadmau5 inserted himself into the fray.

“..unless it's a bieber collab," he said, referencing Diplo's then-recent Justin Bieber and Skrillex collaboration "Where Are U Now?"  "Coz that's in no way, about money. We all know zedds shit sucks. But we love him. Literally hopped f Justin's dick to say someone's shit is about money? God DAMN I love Twitter. I do.”

2018: Max Vangeli 

Zedd put the beef in the microwave and reheated the mess in June 2018. He saw an opening when DJ and producer Max Vangeli threw serious shade at Diplo for reportedly blowing him f after Vangeli opened for Dip's set in Hong Kong. Vangeli called Diplo "the biggest pussy dick in the game," and an unprompted Zedd responded. 

2018: Diplo Needs Spicier Beef

Diplo unleashed a stream responses, using humor to deflect the haters, making sure to get some savage stabs in for good measure. He also referenced Drake and Pusha T's recent beef.

And thus the ongoing battle between Diplo and Zedd hangs in a standstill, thriving like mosquitos in a slimy trash pool, far from squashed. Will the savagery ever end? Can there be peace among men in the dance music sphere? Only time will tell.