A Preview Of Jay-Z & Belly's "Midnight Zone" Has Surfaced


A few days ago, Belly had posted a photo  himself and Jay-Z in the studio cooking something up. Today, we were treated to a preview what their collaborative work may sound like. Having recently released the Mumble Rap mixtape, XO's Belly has been leveling up at a steady pace and a collaboration with a rap legend like Hov could boost his career to new heights. The Canadian artist shared a muted version their session to his socials three days ago, but now he has allowed his fans an ear to the wall the studio. 

The video features a short clip Belly's section the track where he plays f his past "zone" captions, perhaps revealing the title the song. "Ready for the midnight zone, midnight, midnight zone," raps Belly as Jay bobs his head to the beat. While the video is short, it shows Hov in his element as he and Belly work on the mix. As in the previous post, Belly captions the clip as "zone." as he continues to not reveal much while keeping anticipation and curiosity peaked for the collab.

Although there is no date yet for the presumably titled "Midnight Zone" to release, the song sounds dark, cloudy and could potentially be a banger. Listen to a preview their collaboration below and let us know if you're looking forward for the full song to drop.