A Donald Trump/Stormy Daniels Sex Tape May Possibly Exist


Stormy Daniels has risen to new heights ubiquity within the past couple weeks. The former adult entertainer has brazenly admitted that she received “hush” money from Donald Trump’s lawyers to silence any potential tabloid fodder before 2016’s presidential vote. Reportedly, the two were involved in a secretive tryst, but Trump did not want news his sexual exploits to eclipse his chances at becoming the nation’s next Commander in Chief. 

Daniels wants to return the money that effectively suppressed her, and began to share with the media details about their alleged affair. Her lawyer has sent a letter to Trump’s legal team proposing that his client recompense her cash bonus in favour being granted immunity from her contractual stronghold. Trump’s lawyer has been given a short window opportunity to accept or decline the fer. 

The new contract will ensure that Daniels can “(a) speak openly and freely about her prior relationship with the president and the attempts to silence her and (b) use and publish any text messages, photos and/or videos relating to the president that she may have in her possession, all without fear retribution and/or legal liability for damages.”

The possibility Daniels owning any pre-existing images/videos Trump engaged in any lewd acts would definitely be a presidential first; however, he hasn’t exactly fit the diplomatic politician mould throughout his short tenure in fice.