A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s Road Manager Caught Beating Women Bloody On Tape


Warning: Graphic video below. Watch at your own discretion.

The former road manager for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is facing some serious charges after he was allegedly caught on tape attacking several women on camera. According to The Blast, Yasin Touray was caught on camera and charged after viciously attacking a group of women in their hotel room in Las Vegas while A Boogie was in town for a performance.

A witness by the name of Sayyora Badalbeava caught the altercation on camera. In the clip, the man who appears to be Touray was seen punching several of the women in the room after an argument got hot. The attack was vicious with the ladies being bloody and bruised from the punches thrown in their direction. The women sustained several severe injuries that required medical attention.

Touray was reportedly invited into the room by one of the women that he knew. However, they described him as being “agitated.” After asking them if they wanted to go out for dinner, they denied him which caused him to be upset. Afterward, he reportedly wanted to use the washroom but it was occupied by a woman who was naked and changing. The women said they demanded him to “leave their room.” He got physical with them and reportedly started punching them.

“Yasin viciously punched Plaintiffs with a closed fist that caused Plaintiffs to suffer serious brain injuries, broken bones, and lacerations. Yasin dealt Plaintiffs multiple devastating blows to the head and upper body with such force that Plaintiffs’ nerve roots within their teeth were damaged,” it reads in the police report.

The women are now suing Touray and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s production team over the attack. A Boogie was listed in the suit because they claimed Touray was “under the supervision of Boogie.” Touray was later arrested and taken to jail on charges of Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm.

Sources close to Boogie clarified that Touray was only a road manager that was brought in for certain events and shows. Touray had no involvement in the rapper’s day-to-day management team and was only hired as a subcontractor. A Boogie and his team have reportedly parted way with Touray since the incident.