9 Times BTS Shared the Spotlight With Talented Pals


Revisit some of the chart-topping band’s best collaborative moments before they perform ‘Boy With Luv’ with Halsey at the 2019 BBMAs tonight.

As one of the many world-premiere firsts coming to the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, BTS and Halsey will deliver their first-ever joint performance of "Boy With Luv" on the Wednesday (May 1) broadcast. 

The boy band first premiered the song during their Saturday Night Live debut and will now have their duet partner and longtime friend onstage for their next big U.S. stage.

This BTS x Halsey moment is the latest in an exclusive group of artists with which BTS have shared the live spotlight. From some of their closest K-pop peers to fellow Billboard chart-toppers, here are nine times we loved seeing BTS share the spotlight with their pals (Halsey aside).

2018: Charlie Puth at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards

After many interactions on social media, BTS and Charlie Puth finally accomplished their long-awaited goal of collaborating with by teaming up on each others' songs at a 2018 award show. BTS' youngest member Jungkook and Puth kicked off with a duet of the latter's Top 10 Hot 100 hit "We Don't Talk Anymore," before the pop star joined the band on their Top 10 hit "Fake Love."

2017: Seo Taiji at the Korean legend's 25th-anniversary concert

An indicative indication of how important BTS had come in the domestic Korean scene came co-sign from Seo Taiji — the man more or less credited for creating the genesis of modern-day K-pop. The boys were invited to take part in the legendary singer's 25-year anniversary concert by joining him on stage and covering some of his famous songs.

2017: The Chainsmokers at the EDM duo's Seoul concert

After first meeting one another at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, BTS made a surprise appearance at The Chainsmokers' concert in South Korea's capital to sing the duo's Hot 100 No. 1 hit "Closer." Just days later, their K-pop/EDM hybrid "Best of Me" would drop on BTS' Love Yourself: Her album and quickly become a fan-favorite album cut.

2016: Jungkook and members of GOT7, Seventeen, TWICE, GFriend and DIA celebrating their coming-of-age at the 2016 KBS Song Festival

Jungkook made his bandmates proud when he opened up a star-studded duet performance of the touching song "A Flying Butterfly." The stage featured the likes of Seventeen's DK, Mingyu and The8, GOT7's BamBam and Yugyeom, GFriend's Eunha and Yuju, TWICE's Jihyo and DIA's Chaeyeon.

Why these particular K-pop stars? They were all born in 1997 — known affectionately as the "97 line" — with this mega-group brought together to celebrate turning 20 together and becoming adults. No doubt, it's the type of performance K-pop fans will look back on with major nostalgia years later.

2016: GFriend for their joint 'Smart' school uniform commercial 

BTS' time as models for 'Smart' school uniforms saw showing off schoolboy charms alongside girl group GFriend. The band's friendship with the K-pop sextet has been long documented by both fanbases, as the group members continue to cheer for and support one another at various events.

Many see a connection between BTS and GFriend as groups that reached huge heights of success despite coming from, at-the-time, relatively unknown record labels.

2016: Super Junior's Leeteuk, TWICE and GFriend for a cover performance the 2016 Korean Music Wave concert

BTS came together with some of their K-pop peers to honor one of the scene's most beloved earworms in Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" featuring the supergroup's leader himself, Leeteuk. Watch out for the guys performing the song's famous hand-rubbing choreography center stage with Leeteuk.

2016: GOT7 and VIXX for a combined dance performance at the KBS Song Festival

Alongside two other top boy bands in GOT7 and VIXX, BTS showed off their perfectly in-sync coordination and eventually lead a dance troupe that combined the collective 20 members between the three acts.

2016: Jessi for their joint SK Telecom commercial 

The guys filmed a rap battle/dance off with rapper Jessi as part of their endorsement deal with Korean telecommunications conglomerate SK Telecom. Who knew cell phones could be so fierce?

2015: GOT7 for a dance battle at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards

In a dance performance that went down in 2015 K-pop history, BTS once again teamed up with GOT7 for an incredible dance battle that showcased both group's hugely impressive performance styles. BTS leader RM (known at the time as Rap Monster) and GOT7 rapper Jackson opened the performance before the collective 14 members came together in a strobelight-heavy spectacular.