9 Times Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Had Each Other's Backs


Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj just teased their newest collaborative track, “The Light Is Coming,” ahead Grande’s forthcoming album Sweetener. The song marks a fourth joint track between the two superstars, following 2014’s “Bang Bang” (also with Jessie J) and “Get On Your Knees” and 2016’s “Side to Side.”

“Light” is poised to be another exciting step in Grande and Minaj’s personal and creative friendship, and the tunes punctuate some sweet moments in which Grande and Minaj have had each other's backs.

Here are seven times Grande and Minaj spoke or stepped out in sisterly support each other.

After the Manchester bombing, Minaj called Grande “my sister. I love her and I love the people the UK. I’m devastated by the news. It’s heartbreaking.”

When Grande’s Instagram account got hacked and sent threatening messages, Minaj knew something had to be wrong, posting a “thinking face” emoji.


y'all when i got hacked this am

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As a victory lap for their “Side to Side” collaboration, the two posted this sweet pic together.


Side to Side is now 3x platinum ——!!!!!!– Thank you so much ———-

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And they brought a playfully ribald beach party to the American Music Awards in 2016.

At the Met Gala with Madonna, they showed f their unique styles as having a cross-generational appeal.

Nicki showed f a Chanel choker that her “little sissy” Grande got her.

Nicki then posted a photo a gift Ariana bought her, which was a Chanel choker with the captions:

“Both my fans and I cut a b—- for my little sissy @arianagrande. She bought me this choker to match hers. Ugh! Her mind!”

Their friendship is everything! ♡ pic.twitter.com/1RBYxkmrkG

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This tweet from Ariana about the “best morning her life” involving Nicki. 

remember when u called me at 5am and said get ur ass up n come to the stu btch and i propelled myself out the door at the speed light wearing slippers that later got soaked in rain and we had the best morning my life i do https://t.co/031YJqU1o4

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) May 12, 2018

Grande defended Minaj on this Instagram post when online haters and trolls started criticizing Minaj for her body.


Bang Bang ———- #NBA #ALLSTARS #ARI

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And this just sums it up.

i love my big sis @nickiminaj so fuckin much

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) May 12, 2018