9 Things We Learned From The Vixen's Post-'Drag Race' Reunion Instagram Live Stream


While plenty dramatic moments happened at the season 10 reunion RuPaul’s Drag Race, one moment has dominated the online conversation: The Vixen’s exit in the middle the episode. After being grilled by RuPaul about her confrontational attitude toward other queens on the show, The Vixen thanked her fans and walked f the stage.

While RuPaul and a few the queens had a debate on the episode about The Vixen’s decision to leave, audiences wanted to hear the Chicago queen’s side the story. So The Vixen aired a one-hour stream on Instagram Live on Thursday night, where she talked about the reunion, being on the show, and almost everything else fans wanted to know.

Among the many revelations she uncovered during her stream, here are nine takeaways from The Vixen’s Instagram Live stream.

1. She got her catchphrase from Bad Girls Club.

One the first things The Vixen spoke about during her stream was her now-infamous entrance quote, where she declared, “I just came here to fight.” The queen said she actually did not come up with the phrase herself but that she borrowed it from the reality series Bad Girls Club. “My friend Lucy Stoole has always joked that if I ever got on Drag Race, I should say that],” she said. “I was like, ‘I can’t think nothing to say, so I’m gonna say that.’” She also revealed that she actually had to film her entrance four times and that eventually her catchphrase sounded much more aggressive than she intended thanks to nerves and adrenaline.

2. She met Miz Cracker and Aquaria before season 10 and thought they were the same person.

The Vixen’s “too vague” argument with Aquaria from the show’s second season almost instantly became a meme when it aired. But the queen revealed that before even getting on to season 10 Drag Race, she had met Miz Cracker and Aquaria separately and thought that they were the same person. “I had already been through this whole confusion thing, and I thought it was just me,” she said. “When they came into the Werk Room and everybody was talking about how they looked alike, I was like, ‘Oh, so this is really the thing!’” Needless to say, The Vixen’s confusion only further contributed to her ultimate argument with Aquaria.

3. She thinks her discussion racism in Untucked was aired purely for drama.

While a number important topics came up and were discussed at the reunion, The Vixen’s discussion racist narratives within the fan base on episode three Untucked did not (something the queen said is emblematic a larger problem with the show). But The Vixen revealed that she wasn’t surprised by this, since she didn’t think the show aired it to have an honest discussion on the topic race. “I really don’t think that it was aired to be a progressive thing, I think it was aired for drama,” she said. “They thought that was just going to make me look petty, and then it actually turned out to be something that was important to you guys and to alumni.”

4. She asked her fans to calm down with the frustration towards Kameron Michaels.

One queen who was shockingly targeted during the reunion episode was Kameron Michaels — when Ru asked the girls to say what they needed to say to their fellow competitors, a number the queens said that Kameron’s untalkative and shy nature came across as unfriendliness to them. A number fans chimed in on Twitter after the reunion, claiming that Kameron didn’t deserve her spot in the top four. But The Vixen said that it’s not Kameron’s fault that she made it to top four. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game,” she remarked, adding that she had a less-than-stellar edit from the show. “It was not Kameron’s fault that I had more camera time in eight episodes than she had in 12 … that was the producers and the judges.”

5. She claimed that the conversation between her and Asia O’Hara was heavily edited.

When Asia O’Hara had a friendly chat with The Vixen in the Cher episode, fans applauded it as a breakthrough moment. But The Vixen said that while she enjoyed the conversation with Asia, it completely edited out everything that she had to say. “In that conversation, you just see me nodding and holding back tears the entire time. When in Drag Race herstory have I had nothing to say?” she asked. “I wish that I would have been able to have a voice for myself in that moment.” But she added that she really appreciated Asia taking a moment to speak for her, both in that episode and at the reunion.

6. She almost skipped the reunion to be with her sick mother.

If it seemed to anyone like The Vixen didn’t want to be at the reunion, it’s because she didn’t. The queen said that she received a photo her mother with a tube up her nose in a hospital, and immediately wanted to go be with her. But her mother told her she needed to do the reunion. “She said, ‘No, stay there, because if you don’t stay for the reunion, they’re gonna say that you’re being petty,’” she said. “So to be already putting very important things aside to film this reunion I was on edge.” Don’t worry, though — The Vixen also revealed that her mother is doing much better now.

7. She called Eureka’s attempts at approaching her following the show a “microaggression.”

While she spent a lot time rehashing their fights that occurred on the show, The Vixen also talked about her relationship with Eureka after filming. She said that whenever an episode where the two would clash was about to air Eureka would reach out to try and hang out with The Vixen. In one instance she recounted from DragCon, she said Eureka kept trying to kiki with her in public. “That’s really a microaggression,” she said. “Because we’re in public, I can’t say ‘Leave me alone,’ because then I look like a bitch … anything that I say that isn’t giving you what you want out me and making it seem like we’re cool, which we’re not, makes me look like the bad guy.” She said that she begrudgingly gave Eureka a hug after the reunion was over and declared “I hope that’s the last time I ever have to do that.”

8. She called out RuPaul for being an “instigator” instead a “moderator.”

Nearing the end her live stream, The Vixen commented on the way in which RuPaul approached his line questioning, saying that while he gave stballs to some queens like Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, he seemed predisposed to disagreeing with her. “It was like ‘Vanjie, how has your life changed, have you made lots money?’ And then, ‘Vixen, why are you such a bitch?’” she said. “Ru is there to be a moderator, not an instigator, I thought.”

9. She mentioned that she’s been very philanthropic since the show started airing.

As she was closing out her Instagram Live feed, The Vixen decided to end on a positive note, thanking her fans and her supporters for elevating her to the position that she is at today. She also took a moment to talk about the charities that she has helped raise money for since season 10 began airing, including the $3,000 she raised for Chicago’s Youth Pride Center, and meet-and-greet proceeds she raised for Gia Gunn’s transition surgery. “But none those things were going to brought up at the reunion, so that’s why I left,” she said. “I could see that my story wasn’t going to be told the way I thought it ought to be told.”