9 Highlights From Wisin & Yandel’s Sony/ATV Iconic Songwriter Q&A Panel at HipHopMagz Latin Music Week


Wisin & Yandel took the stage during 2019 Billboard Latin Music Week as part of this year’s Sony/ATV Iconic Songwriter Q&A session, moderated by Leila Cobo, Billboard’s Vice President and Latin Industry Lead.

The panel, which took place Tuesday (April 23) at The Venetian in Las Vegas, was introduced by Jorge Mejia, president Latin America & US Latin, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, who emphasized that the Puerto Rican duo holds the most sold-out records at the Coliseo in Puerto Rico, with eight sold-out shows.

Wisin & Yandel, who made their comeback as a duo in 2018 with “Reggaeton en lo Oscuro” after a five-year hiatus, took the hot seat to talk about their success, reggaeton music and their bromance of many years.

Read the best highlights from their panel below.

On their roles in music and in life: “I think the best word that describes Wisin & Yandel is perseverance. People see the achievements but behind the achievements, there are many obstacles.” – Wisin

On how they met: “We met in a barrio in Cayey, Puerto Rico. Wisin was part of another duo and I was in another duo. There was never a competition between us; we were two guys who dreamt of becoming artists.” – Yandel

On their secret to having a successful career of many years: “Although we have separate careers, tolerance is very important for something to be successful.” – Wisin

On their five-year hiatus: “You know, we separated at a professional level but never at a personal level, that’s why we can sit here and talk with a lot of respect and sincerity.” – Wisin

On working in the studio together: “We have great chemistry in the recording studio and that’s why we finish our songs fast because everything just flows.” – Yandel

On their mission as a duo: “Our main mission was to give happiness to our people. That’s the strength that the urban movement has. Since the beginning, we’ve given the audience what they want to hear.” – Wisin

On fusing reggaeton with pop music: “Fans criticized us at the beginning, saying it was too poppy, but artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi wanted to work with us. When a project kicks off with respect, there’s no way of failing.” – Wisin

On what annoys them about each other while in the recording studio: “Honestly, there’s nothing that bothers me about Wisin. His energy is awesome.” – Yandel

“Yandel takes his time with everything! It was a process, but now I understand him. We’re two different people and that’s the magic of it all” – Wisin

On what they don’t like about the urban scene: “I like everything that’s happening. I always see new talents and that makes me happy, to know that there’s a new generation vouching for the genre.” – Yandel

Watch the full Sony/ATV Iconic Songwriter Q&A session with Wisin & Yandel below.