88Rising Narrate Their Come Up in Latest Episode of WeTransfer's 'Work In Progress' Series: Premiere


Asian hip-hop collective 88rising has been a pioneer in attempting to bridge the rap culture gap between opposite ends the globe; the rising multi-faceted company refuses to be boxed into one aspect the industry since Sean Miyashiro founded the business back in 2015.

WeTransfer is taking a deeper look into examining Miyashiro's burgeoning operation as 88rising stars in the second installment their Work In Progress series, premiering on Billboard today (June 14).

“88rising is such a compelling team to highlight because they can’t be easily contained in one genre, category, or even continent. Their seemingly disparate, totally cohesive partnership feels emblematic how technology, innovation, and passion have unified us all in the global musical landscape 2018,” says WeTransfer's global head music Jamal Dauda. 

The part-time record label is directly responsible for the rise a wide range emerging acts such as Rich Brian, who recently shed his former moniker Rich Chigga, New York resident Joji, the aggressively rapping Keith Ape, and the Chengdu-bred foursome Higher Brothers.

Check out 88rising's 7-minute Work In Progress episode in full below.