83 Babies Flex Stacks of Cash in Luxe ‘No Hook’ Premiere


“They are for sure up now, not next,” Rich the Kid says of his group.

On the heels of Rich the Kid introducing his newest group, 83 Babies, earlier in May with the gritty "No Cap," RTK instructs the Rich Forever signees to quickly follow up with more ammo for the streets. The trio hailing from North Carolina returns to flex in their "No Hook Freestyle" visual premiering with Billboard on Thursday (May 30).

The clip finds 83 Babies flaunting their wealth in the mold of a vintage Migos video prior to their tidal wave of mainstream success. Lil Tony, Set It Off and Young Boss Tevo each take turns showing off stacks of cash and exotic whips as part of the group's newfound opulent lifestyle in front of a local shopping center. 

"[They have] originality and authenticity. 83 Babies ain’t rapping about stuff they saw or heard; they are talking about real stuggles and real-life problems as a kid living in the hood," Rich the Kid said in a statement to Billboard. "Their cadences and flow are unbelievable. They are for sure up now, not next."

Get familiar with 83 Babies before they hit the road as a supporting act on Rich the Kid's upcoming tour through the "No Hook" video below.