8-Year-Old Fan Nails Drum Part of Led Zeppelin's 'Good Times Bad Times,' Earns Robert Plant's Praise: Watch


Yoyoka Soma, an 8-year-old fan from Japan, did her part to break the internet after perfectly playing one the toughest drum parts in Led Zeppelin's repertoire.

The video, uploaded to YouTube back in January, shows the young girl ferociously and flawlessly playing the drum part in “Good Time Bad Times,” the first song on the band's debut album (played by the late John Bonham).

The video began making the rounds in late June after Zeppelin's lead singer, Robert Plant commended the performance in an interview.

“How fantastic,” he said on the CBC Radio program Q. The rock legend praised Yoyoka's technical skills, saying, “And the thing is, it's like falling f a log for her.” Plant, with a smile on his face, added, “It's great, isn't it really?! Well, I know where she can get good job.”

Plant was also asked what he thought Bonham would think the clip, to which he responded: “I think he would be so amazed. I think he would be so chuffed. It's great.”

Yoyoka submitted the video to the 2018 Hit Like A Girl drum contest, where she wrote in her entry that Bonham was one her favorite drummers. “As a drummer, I enjoy being groove, tones and try to support vocalists carefully. My dream is to be the best drummer in the world. In addition, I want to be an artist who can do anything: playing all instruments, recording music, mixing the sound and designing the CD album jackets,” she said in a statement along with her entry. “As I am aiming at overseas activities, I am studying English conversation. I want to become friends with people all over the world through my musical activities!”

Check out Yoyoka's full performance and Plant's reaction below.