8 Unforgettable Moments From Camila Cabello's Never Be The Same Tour


Cabello’s first headlining trek segues into her opening gig on Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour, which kicks f May 8.

Since the rise “Havana,” Camila Cabello has become one pop music’s leading ladies. Her devoted pack Camilizers has helped the singer become one Spotify’s most-streamed artists, and earn her first No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit when “Havana” reached the summit in January. But even without millions fans behind her, Cabello has the charisma, great songs and talent to make her a superstar — all which she showcased on her first headlining tour.

Cabello closed out the North American leg the Never Be the Same Tour in New York City on Friday night (May 4), performing every song from her debut album, Camila, along with her biggest collaborations. Despite playing 2,000-3,000 person-cap venues, Cabello created an experience fit for a stadium with video montages, choreography, dancers, lasers and, course, an impassioned crowd.

The show was a great setup for what’s to come for Cabello in more ways than one: While it proved she can certainly hold her own on stage, the Never Be the Same Tour also validates Taylor Swift’s choice to have Cabello open the Reputation Tour this summer. Cabello starts her opening gig on May 8, just four days after finishing her own trek around America. Judging by her own show, she's more than ready to hit the road the gal with the big reputation.

Take a look at the best moments from Cabello’s Never Be the Same Tour show, and be sure to check her out with Swift when they play a city near you.

“Inside Out”

After kicking f the show with a roaring rendition “Never Be the Same” and a saucy performance “She Loves Control,” Cabello delivered a bouncy version “Inside Out” followed by a dance break to a mashup  Gyptian's “Hold Yuh” and Sean Paul’s “Get Busy.” As she twerked with her dancers, Cabello made sure to flash a smile to the crowd, which embodied the vibe the entire night: sexy with a charming innocence.

Camila during the Inside Out dance break at the #NBTSTourNYC last night ( @thebulletlane) pic.twitter.com/3Cz9Gg8YJS

— Camila Cabello News (@CCabelloNews) May 5, 2018


The first slowed-down portion the show followed an a cappella cover Elvis Presley's “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” which was a highlight in itself. Then Cabello took the piano for a completely solo performance “Consequences” that allowed her voice to soar and made the moment as vulnerable as it was awe-inspiring.

Camila performing Consequences at the #NBTSTourNYC last night ( @ItsAshley_C) pic.twitter.com/WSH5iD5KWO

— Camila Cabello News (@CCabelloNews) May 5, 2018

“Something’s Gotta Give”

Cabello spent a considerable amount time chatting with the crowd, giving some insight into the inspiration for some her songs — like before “Something’s Gotta Give,” when she shared a story about how she chose to love herself over living in fear after a hard time in her life. As she performed the seemingly heartbreak-inspired song, images March For Our Lives, Black Lives Matter and other rallies played behind Cabello, which made her message resonate in a different, pround and even more compelling, way.

#VIDEO Camila chantant Something's Gotta Give, hier soir: #NBTSTourNYC ( @literallymeg) pic.twitter.com/DGoH7IyAaQ

— Camila Cabello France (@CCabelloFR) May 5, 2018

“Scar Tissue”

Carrying the feels into her next song story, Cabello explained that she wrote the track “Scar Tissue” (which didn't make Camila) because you have to feel pain to grow, and loving yourself is the only way to get through it. While the performance was great, it was her plea to fans that was the most captivating: “If there’s anything I want you to walk away with from this concert, I would like you to promise me that if you’re going through a difficult time right now, I want you to pinky promise me” — she said as she held her pinky in the air — “that you’re going to be brave, and patient, and loving, and kind for yourself… One day, you’re gonna look in the mirror, and you’re not going to be as hurt anymore, you’re not going to be as sad anymore… and you’ll be better healed than you ever were unbroken.”

the love in her eyes and in her voice while she's delivering the end the Scar Tissue speech to a person in the crowd makes me so st. we really don't deserve Camila– pic.twitter.com/u40B9X6as4

— georgie✨ (@c4beIIos) April 26, 2018

“In the Dark”

Cabello asked for the lights to be turned f to sing “In the Dark,” appropriately, in the dark, with only phone lights illuminating the room. Then later in the song, she asked fans to be as quiet as they could (a hilariously challenging task for the enthusiastic crowd) and proceeded to sing the bridge a cappella with no mic — which surprisingly carried throughout the room and made for one the coolest, most unique moments the night.

and so the crowd FINALLY stayed quiet during in the dark, i'm emo :,) pic.twitter.com/hk0nHwLRql

— Layla (@AHSestrabao) May 5, 2018

“Real Friends”

Showing just how much she adores her fans, Cabello brought up a group younger Camilizers for the middle “Real Friends,” engaging one particular fan named Darcy (“Isn’t she a princess?!” Camila exclaimed) in a super genuine, precious sing-along. 


— vane (@VaneGx3) May 5, 2018

“Know No Better”

The show’s energy reached one the highest points during Cabello’s Major Lazer collaboration, as the beat drop resulted in a jump-along — started by Cabello herself, who showed no signs exhaustion whatsoever despite being more than an hour into performing.

–| Camila performing Know No Better tonight #NBTSTourNYC ( @mybaescabello) pic.twitter.com/2AXygtQXjm

— Camila Tour Alert (@CamilaTourAlert) May 5, 2018


Considering Cabello’s history memorable “Havana” performances, the show closer was unsurprisingly one the best parts the night. But she stepped up her game for the Never Be the Same Tour performance her smash hit, incorporating even more Latin flair with a sunset backdrop and sultry dance moves. She even turned Young Thug’s verse into a salsa-inspired breakdown. Playing her biggest hit was obviously a fitting way to close out her 16-song set, but Cabello performed “Havana” in a way that ultimately proved this is just the beginning an impressive, hit-filled career.

Camila during the Havana dance break at the #NBTSTourNYC last night ( @Wtf_mila_cuba) pic.twitter.com/ANMqHf6IFs

— Camila Cabello News (@CCabelloNews) May 5, 2018