8 Lyrics from Years & Years' 'Palo Santo' to Get Over Your Exes


If love is sometimes messy, breaking up is a full-on catastrophe. English pop band Years & Years released their second studio album, Palo Santo, on Friday (July 6), and if you ever wondered what the sound cutting f an ex would be like coming out your earbuds you should plug into the synth pop band's latest.

The album's lyricism orients around ideas religious tradition and spirituality and is altogether fueled by metaphor. Much it draws inspiration from navigating the messiness young love and the hushed nature some queer relationships, with frontman Olly Alexander alluding to the painful unfurling  an intimate relationship with a straight man.

Alongside the record, the group also produced a short film stringing together their previously released visuals into one more complete dystopian storyline. The deluxe album includes fourteen tracks including singles “Sanctify,” “If You’re Over Me,” “Palo Santo,” and “All For You,” with the first two peaking at No. 19 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

Here's eight lyrics from across the album that give language to the messy yet liberating process cutting ties with that toxic ex:


Want to taste you on that lips to make you jealous

Make me forget I feel much better

“All For You”

You look like you're so damn scared

I don't really think you care

You know, you know that our time is through

‘It's over when I leave,’ you said, ‘we're never gonna meet again’

You played your game, it was all for you


Daddy said I never could win

That's probably why I never pretend

But good things are coming to me


Do I have to keep you safe and warm tonight?

Didn't no one ever teach you wrong from right?

I don't wanna be something objectified

“If You’re Over Me”

Yesterday you said I'm the one

But now you say you're done

Stop telling me what I need

Baby, if you're over me

“Lucky Escape”

You're so deluded, you're such a fake

And now you got somebody else to manipulate

I think I dodged a bullet

I made a lucky escape

“Palo Santo”

I'm waking spirits tonight

And I can't hear your voice

I've got nothing to hide

'Cause you're with another boy

“Up In Flames”

And we're dancing to the sound

Of your demons falling down

And our past is going up in flames (flames)

And the future will be rearranged

Palo Santo is now available to purchase on iTunes and to stream on Spotify.