8 Cool Ways Taylor Swift Has Promoted ‘Lover’ All Around the World


By now, Taylor Swift fans are used to that something extra the singer likes to give them. From endless Easter eggs to peeks at her journals and pop-up shops, Swifties have been spoiled so far with the promotional push for the singer's seventh album, Lover

The singer has found ways to reach out to Swifties all around the world over the past few weeks, from colorful billboards in China to personalized notes from the singer on the back of Lover album receipts in Japan, a full-page New York Times ad and an Instagram filter.

Check out some of the most creative promotional efforts below.

Huge digital billboards in Guangzhou, China.

A special-edition Japanese release with CD/DVD combo in a paper CD case that looks like vinyl.

A user posted a receipt from a record store in Japan that featured a scanned message from Taylor.

Her New York pop-up shop — a collaboration with designer Stella McCartney — features items with vintage graffiti-inspired writing, full of pastel clouds, airbrushed jackets and a reusable water bottle.

Of course, an Instagram filter.

A Spotify-sponsored "Cruel Summer" lyric mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Love letters in The New York Times.