8 Artists Who Have Expressed Interest in Working with BTS


In addition to capturing the attention fans around the world, Korean boy band BTS has also caught the eye more than a few popular artists. Since they first appeared at a Stateside awards show at least year's Billboard Music Awards, the septet has increasingly received calls from numerous Western artists.

BTS has already worked with Steve Aoki, Desiigner, Wale, Fall Out Boy and The Chainsmokers on tracks, and there are sure to be more collabs in the works. Here’s a look at some artists who have expressed interest so far:

Shawn Mendes

Mendes and BTS have both spoken about a collab, and during a recent interview, the soloist promised that they’ll be doing something together in the future. The group also has spoken about their attempts to work with him. 


In an interview with Billboard in April, the soloist expressed her willingness to work with BTS. Rapper J-Hope is known to be a fan the Joyride singer.


Latin pop and K-pop are a match made in heaven, and Maluma went on the record in March to say the he would “love” to work with BTS.

Troye Sivan  

The “My My My” singer recently said he’d be open to making music together, and BTS also confirmed that they’ve been in talks about doing something together.


Last June, the pop band responded to a fan’s question about if they’d collab with BTS. Their response? “We LOVE BTS, we’d collab with them any day.”

Ansel Elgort

Perhaps BTS’ most prominent Hollywood fanboy, Elgort has met the group on multiple occasions and expressed interest in working with them. He recently responded to a fan on Twitter and said that he wishes he were the eighth member the group.


On March 22 last year, the “Distraction” singer tweeted “y'all tell BTS to holla at me” after it came to her attention that RM and V had mentioned her as an inspiration during their Facebook Live with Billboard that day. The tweet has since been deleted, but fans are still hopeful something will come out it.


Last November, the DJ and BTS sent love to one another, and in April, Zedd reaffirmed his desire to work with them, saying that it will happen this year. He also recently remixed the act’s “Fake Love” during Ultra Korea.