7 Things We Learned From Travis Scott’s ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ Documentary


Christmas came early for Travis Scott fans on Wednesday (Aug. 28), as Netflix released La Flame's Look Mom I Can Fly documentary to their streaming platform. With Scott cashing in on a banner year, it was only right he peeled back the curtain on his rollercoaster 2018 by letting his guard down and giving fans an inside look at his brilliance and some of the best moments of his life.

The flick takes viewers along for the astronomical ride seeing Trav grow up in Missouri City, Texas, to becoming one of hip-hop's bonafide superstars. More specifically, the doc is must-watch television for any Rager, as Scott juggles becoming a father in a high-profile relationship, finishing Astroworld in Hawaii, performing at the Super Bowl and the Grammys, and even shows his love for sugary drinks. 

Here are seven things we learned from Look Mom I Can Fly. 

1. Welcome to Stormi World/Travis Becomes a Father

The world's best-kept secret was Kylie Jenner's pregnancy. Scott was there every step of the way for his billionaire reality star gilfriend, from her ultrasound check-ups to the delivery room where Stormi Webster would be born on Feb. 1, 2018. Fans are privy to the more compassionate side of Trav, who jokes with the doctor about how he's using the device to locate the baby. It's refreshing to see Scott looking genuinely happy to just show off the ultrasound videos of his future daughter to his DJ Chase B. Travis would even end up cutting the umbilical cord for his daughter, as he's shown holding Stormi just minutes after her birth.


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2. Travis is Here to Shift the Status Quo

In most of Scott's interviews, he usually circles back to his sole purpose in art of being to inspire the next generation coming after him, and shaking up hip-hop's status quo. While putting the finishing touches on Astroworld in Hawaii just a couple weeks before its release, Trav speaks on shifting the rap landscape with his next album. 

"It's gonna change n—-'s drums, it's gonna change n—-'s melodies, it's gonna change n—-'s BPMs, it's gonna change his flows," says La Flame. "That's what I'm trying to do. I could wait another year, and I'm never gonna hear another song like this. I could sit with this album like this for life."

3. Hearing the Finished Version of "No Bystanders" for the First Time

One of the standout scenes from the doc has to be Travis and the Cactus Jack crew hearing what we now know as "NO BYSTANDERS" for the first time. Following Juice WRLD's intro, Scott goes absolutely nuts after realizing the magic they just created, jumping couch-to-couch on a sugar high in the makeshift studio of their Hawaii mansion. Sheck Wes wants the DJ to keep that on repeat as he dances around and takes a dip in the pool. 

4. Travis Loved Drake's "Checks Over Stripes" Line

We've heard the stories of Drake sending over his verse to complete the epic three-part "SICKO MODE" at the final hour, but now fans get to see it play out in real time with Look Mom I Can Fly. Travis paces around with the song done, but has to wait for Drake to fill the open space. Once he plays Drizzy's verse through his phone for the first time, he realizes it was all worth it. Scott loved the "Checks over stripes" line from the 6 God as much as we did with the Nike boys uniting on the track.

5. Travis Slid in Tom Brady's DMs to Sign His Jersey After the Super Bowl

Yo Gotti once famously rapped, "It goes down in the DMs." A lot of things can happen through a simple direct message, and that goes for the average kid in high school, up to your most famous celebrities. Scott isn't any different than us. After performing on the biggest of stages at the Super Bowl earlier this year, Trav hilariously takes a shot in the dark and slides into Tom Brady's DMs asking if he would sign his jersey. With no follow-up, Brady was most likely tending to more important matters after clinching his sixth Super Bowl victory. 

6. His High School Guidance Counselor Saved His Life

When you're as driven as Travis Scott, you realize school isn't for you at a young age. Most students have that one teacher or counselor that really helped them get out of some rough patches and propel them to graduation, and that was the case with La Flame, who reunited with his high school counselor, Sarah Romero, backstage at one of his concerts in 2017.

"I wouldn't have graduated from high school if it weren't for this woman right here," he says while giving her a hug. "Oh my god, she saved my life in high school." That embrace led to Trav's mom emotionally tearing up looking back at how far her baby boy had come. "She told me he was going to be somebody," Wanda Webster proclaims.

7. He Won't Be Deterred By His 0/3 at the Grammy Awards

Make no mistake about it, one of Scott's goals is to walk away with a Grammy award at some point in his career. Even though it didn't happen in 2019, he's only going to go that much harder following his three nominations. Credit to Trav and the film team for showing some vulnerability in letting fans see his visceral live reaction to not hearing his name called on Grammy night. Most artists' egos would probably be too fragile and have it scrubbed from existence entirely.