6ix9ine’s New Manager Wack 100 Confirms 2022 NBA YoungBoy Collab


Wack 100 is officially managing problematic rapper 6ix9ine. In a new interview with Complex, the veteran music manager voluntarily offered up the information as he was discussing his company 100 ENT and plans for expansion into film, record labels and merch.

Noting artist development has become a thing of the past, Wack 100 inadvertently confirmed he was in a “management situation” with the polarizing rap figure. He’s currently helping 6ix9ine finish new music, secure features and book tours.

“I got full control and say,” he said of their arrangement. “It started off as a business partner situation, but I’m over his next project. He’s still signed to Create [Music Group] and 10K, that’s his label. I’m taking the reins on the management side to make sure everything is right, and the rollout is right.

“What he gets with me is a guy answering his phone calls and emails. He gets a guy that makes sure his marketing is right, his radio is right, his pub is right, his splits are right. And he gets the resources I have to open those doors up that may have been closed on him.”

Later in the conversation, Wack 100 also revealed 6ix9ine has a collaboration with NBA YoungBoy in the works with, “6ix9ine’s got something coming with NBA YoungBoy that I’m putting together. So y’all look out for that. 2022, we coming.”

Wack 100 first unveiled the collaboration was coming last December during a Clubhouse conversation in which he said, “It’s already done. [6ix9ine’s] European tour is done. His radio promo is already worked out. This is me. Business is business. Don’t get it fucked up.”

Wack 100’s relationship with 6ix9ine started to take shape last July when he demanded a sit-down discussion with the Brooklyn artist. Four months later, he told the No Jumper podcast they were simply “business partners.” But it appears they’ve elevated their business to the next level.

Considering 6ix9ine’s “snitch” reputation, many people were surprised Wack 100 would attach himself to a rapper like 6ix9ine. But Wack 100 has always maintained 6ix9ine didn’t violate street code by testifying for the federal government. As Wack 100 explained during a 2019 interview with Hollywood Unlocked, he considers him a civilian — not a gang member.

“Everybody knew that this kid with rainbow kid was not a gang member, but because of the politics of the dollar, he got some people get behind him and give him all this Blood [affiliation],” he said at the time. “When the circus was over, the clown — who everybody knew was a clown — took off his uniform … and sat there in that light and was who everybody knew he’d be — a normal kid. So, do you blame 6ix9ine or the block? They knew he was not a gangster, so why are you subjecting him to gangster shit?”