6ix9ine Trolled With ‘Richest Rat’ Question & Responds With Pride & Dignity


6ix9ine is seemingly proud of his “snitch” label.

In a video that surfaced on Monday (January 4) from an August interaction with the embattled rapper, 6ix9ine is asked how it feels to be the “richest rat in the world” – and he compared himself to Batman.

“I mean, it feels pretty good,” he said. “I mean I put a lot of bad people away, I saved the world. I mean… I’m like Batman.”

While the “TROLLZ” artist has been laying relatively low since his dismal album sales for TattleTales in September, he hasn’t completely gone off the map. Every so often he’s been popping up online to continue to troll his detractors, and most recently he came for Lil Durk over the first-week sales of his new album, The Voice.

“Nuski and Von died for this???? @lil durk,” he commented on an Instagram post that said Durk sold 23,000 album equivalent units his first week. However, that number was based on one day of sales because Durk dropped his album on a Thursday as opposed to the traditional Friday release.

The updated numbers have since been released and Durk’s first full week had an additional 70,000 total album-equivalent units, which kind of brings his tally to 93,000.

6ix9ine, who sold around 50,000 total album equivalent units in his first week, has since remained silent.