6ix9ine Released From Prison


6ix9ine is a free man.

Following a highly-publicized legal battle, the rapper (born Daniel Hernandez) was released from a federal prison after a Manhattan judge granted his early release on Thursday (April 2).

U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer approved the request of Tekashi’s legal team, who asked that he serve the remainder of his 24-month sentence at home due to serious concerns for his health amid the coronavirus outbreak. The request was originally denied by Engelmayer because he believed 69 needed to appeal to the Bureau of Prisons. His lawyer Lance Lazzaro argued that Engelmayer and not BOP had legal authority to grant his compassionate release request.

“The Court accordingly finds that, in light of the heightened medical risk presented to Mr. Hernandez by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are extraordinary and compelling reasons to reduce Mr. Hernandez’s sentence in the manner requested––to wit, releasing Mr. Hernandez from custody and requiring him to serve his first four months of supervised release in home confinement, on specified conditions,” said Engelmayer.

Upon his release from custody, he will be on four months of supervised release in home incarceration, which will be enforced by GPS monitoring. He must remain at an address approved by his probation officer and can only leave if he needs to seek necessary medical treatment or visit his attorney.