6ix9ine Refuses To Give Homeless Father Cash: ‘He’s In A Shelter Smoking Crack’


Footage of 6ix9ine’s biological father Daniel Hernandez made the rounds last week after he revealed he was homeless and in need of financial help. But according to his estranged son, Hernandez is a hopeless drug addict who abandoned him as a baby and doesn’t deserve a dime.

During a recent chat with DJ Akademiks, 6ix9ine explained why he was reluctant to extend the same kind of generosity he offers others.

“Everybody knows I was abandoned at birth,” he said. “Everybody knows that my biological father abandoned me at birth. Right now, he’s in a shelter smoking crack. The story of me not giving money to a crackhead who abandoned me at birth is getting more publicity than the positive things. Why? Because it’s a trend to hate me.”


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Hernandez, who shares the same government name as 6ix9ine, claimed he’s been living in a shelter for over two years.

“Because I don’t have an apartment, he doesn’t know that I’m in the shelter,” Hernandez said, according to Page Six. “Now he’s going to know I’ve been here for, what, two years already? You think he’d come hook me up with something. He’s been giving money to other people. … He gives money to everybody. ‘Here, here, here.’”

Hernandez unexpectedly showed up at 6ix9ine’s December 2019 sentencing and asked to speak on his behalf, but the judge told him, “It’s way too late to show and speak on his behalf. You squandered that right many years ago.”

6ix9ine was equally as confused by his presence and initially thought he was being pranked.

“I took one glance — I see my biological father,” he said. “I haven’t seen him since the third grade. I don’t even know if this is a fuckin’ joke, everything I go through.”

He added, “[He was] trying to help me for what? So I could be free and give him money? The narrative will always be, let’s make Tekashi 6ix9ine like the worst human being in the world but [they] just look at it the way [they] want to look at it.”

Hernandez didn’t meet his son until 6ix9ine was 9 years old after his mother allegedly kicked him out for shooting up heroin in the bathroom.