50 Cent’s Girlfriend Manifested Their Relationship Into Place Years Ago: See How


The power of the mind is truly incredible. When people say that you can do whatever you set your brain on, they’re usually speaking nothing but facts. If you work hard enough and believe in your own ability, you can achieve greatness. Sure, some doors will close along the way but when it comes to living a happy, fulfilled life, much of it stems from your own ability to work things into existence. Whether your goals are personal, professional, creative, or something completely unrelated, it’s important to envision yourself where you want to be in life. A few years ago, Jamira Haines pictured herself in a relationship with 50 Cent and, today, she’s actually dating the legendary rapper. Curtis Jackson ended up finding one of her posts about him from 2016, which is throwing him off quite a bit.

50 Cent's Girlfriend Manifested Their Relationship Into Place Years Ago: See How
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Taking a meme from her Facebook page, 50 Cent exposed his girlfriend Cuban Link for manifesting their relationship into place. The post in question shows the two at a crowded bar with Jamira assuming the role of Fiddy’s money-carrier on the side. It turns out her plan worked because now, she’s moving forward in her romantic union with the television executive.

Fif reacted to the old meme, saying: “That shit say Dec 1 2016, the fuck is this positive affirmation. 🤧🤒@_cuban_link I don’t feel good, get me something to eat.” Jamira responded to the comment by confirming that she did imagine this exact situation, manifesting it all into her life.

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