50 Cent Worries NYPD "Shoot On Sight" Threat Will Effect His Son


While 50 Cent is not any stranger to doling out digital beatdowns, he lately discovered himself contending with a strong, real-world foe: The NYPD. Unfortunately for the beloved rapper, strains had been undoubtedly crossed. A Commanding Officer by the identify of Emanuel Gonzalez apparently requested that the rapper be “shot on sight.” It’s unclear whether or not there was validity in his risk, or if the remark was merely a poor case of gallows humor. Either manner, it did not sit effectively with 50, who summoned the authorized eagles in retaliation. 

50 Cent Worries NYPD "Shoot On Sight" Threat Will Effect His Son

Steve Miller/Getty Images

Despite the potential severity of the Officer’s “open season” remark, 50 has since tailored in his normal trend. Which is to say, turning all the pieces into an enormous joke. This morning, he took to Instagram to have fun concerning the state of affairs, bringing his son Sire Jackson into the equation. “Wait so why the Cops need to shoot my dad?” writes 50, captioning the photograph as if his personal son. He then switches to dad mode, questioning “shit how do I clarify this?” 

While it is good to see 50 in excessive spirits, the notion police officer can casually subject a violent risk with out repercussion is disturbing, to say the least. Yet it might seem the continuing saga has revived 50’s dormant “get the strap,” which suggests, above all else, it is enterprise time. More updates on this story to return as they develop.