50 Cent Wants In After Ray J Acquires Suge Knight’s Life Rights


In one of the more bizarre stories from today, Suge Knight reportedly handed over his life rights to Ray J. The mogul, while extremely troubled, is one of the more influential figures to ever grace the world of hip-hop. He’s currently in prison and he’ll stay there for a long time… but that doesn’t mean a television program or movie about his legacy isn’t on the way. Ray J reportedly acquired the rights to his story and one man who is very familiar with the entertainment industry wants to help out.

50 Cent Wants In After Ray J Acquires Suge Knight's Life Rights
Robert Mora/Getty Images

This year, 50 Cent has leveled up tremendously when it comes to his ventures in television and film. He’s working on the final season of Power, making his directorial debut, and planning the production of a Black Mafia Family show on the side. Those are only two of his projects too. It looks like Curtis Jackson is interested in taking on another high-profile story, reaching out to Ray J to see if he would be down to share the rights to Suge’s dramatic life.

“@rayj call me I know what to do with this,” wrote Fif as his caption, reposting the TMZ headline about the singer purchasing the rights to Suge’s story. “Don’t nothing move but the money.”

With his experience behind the scenes, 50 Cent is one man we would love to see work on this. Even if he’s simply an on-screen character, he still has a lot to offer to this narrative. What do you think?