50 Cent Vs Young Buck: Who Had The Better Verse?


In hip-hop, true alliances are hard to attain and even harder to keep afloat as the years go by and the money trickles in. Hemmed in on all sides by corruptible forces, we’ve recently taken a look at how the rigours of fame, fortune and the double-edged sword of loyalty has lain waste to the all-conquering crew known as G-Unit. Once touted as an iconic group that would act as the torchbearers for blood-soaked gangsta rap for years to come, our recent breakdown charted how the group’s inner-workings and power balance eventually tipped the scales and caused in-fighting to run roughshod, leaving the group’s seemingly inseverable bonds in tatters.  

While conflict has sullied nigh-on every inter-personal relationship in the group, none has been as volatile and headline-inducing than Young Bick and 50 Cent of late. Embroiled in a war of words for the better part of two months, it’s the culmination of a checkered past that has seen personal insults, money disputes and pride get in the way of a mutually beneficial relationship.

For a generation of rap devotees that grew with up with G-Units on their feet, this scenario is irreconcilable with the days when Nashville’s Buck and the de-facto leader 50 used to bring out the best in one another on wax. A chemistry that yielded no shortage of seminal tracks, the fusion of 50’s braggadocious tones and the rugged brogue of his southern counterpart seldom failed to strike gold during their heyday.

Armed with a comparative set of skills and a mutually reassured knack for quotables, paper trails and net worth would have the uninitiated believing that 50’s abilities far outshone that of the former UTP and Cash Money cohort. But in reality, on-wax encounters between the two have been a hotly contested race for supremacy ever since they first joined forces. Known to bring their a-game while the other is in their midst, we’ve taken a conscious move away from the vindictive character assassination and Instagram-fuelled disputes in order to look at a time where they had a much friendlier and more productive rivalry. Taken from across their discographies, it’s time to determine who got the edge on some of their most enduring and vital co-authored offerings.