50 Cent Virtually Pulls Up On Rotimi: "I Want To Punch This N***a Nose"


For months, 50 Cent has been reclaiming his spot on the bullying throne. He’s gone after helpless victims in Teairra Mari, Randall Emmett and, most recently, Young Buck. His rivals have all tried to fight back but at the end of the day, Fiddy usually ends up on top. His drive to get to the money is never-ending and this morning, the rapper decided it was time to take aim at a new target. He’ll surely go back to his regular villainry this week but 50’s focus today is on his Power co-star Rotimi.

50 Cent and Rotimi have a long working relationship but apparently, the R&B star owes Curtis some cash and he’s not about to let that fly. Reposting a video of Rotimi proudly speaking about his new album Walk With Me, Curtis decided that since the singer owns the No. 1 R&B album in the country, he’s got some extra money to give away to his good old buddy 50 Cent. “Man fuck all that I want my money by Monday,” said Fif before things got heated. “I want to punch this n***a nose,” he said in one post, adding that he “ain’t gonna be walking after Monday” on another.

At this rate, 50 Cent is going to be the richest man in all of Hollywood by the end of the year. He continues to collect debts and he’s having fun while doing it.