50 Cent Urges Emily B Keep Fabolous At Home During His Pool Party


50 Cent is getting ready for a big weekend ahead. If you’ll recall, he trekked over to Atlanta a few months ago for Tycoon weekend where he partied with Bow Wow, Trey Songz, Lil Duval and many more. This weekend, he’ll be bringing the festivities to his home turf of New York City for a massive pool party. Fif already let Bow Wow know that he isn’t invited, mainly because Bow Wow tried to pocket a bunch of ones that Fif gave him to throw in the strip club. However, Bow Wow isn’t the only person Fif is trying to prevent from pulling up.

50 Cent Urges Emily B Keep Fabolous At Home During His Pool Party
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Trouble’s pool party sparked conversation across the Internet when one woman took the cucumber challenge to another level but it appears as if 50 Cent is expecting copy cats this weekend. That being said, he also knows that if a cucumber challenge-type incident does occur at his party, Fabolous will likely show up. But Fif has a plan. He took to Instagram to let Emily B know that she should keep her man inside this weekend.

“Fendi put a post on his actual page. He talkin’ about the cucumber challenge and all that other shit to the Tycoon thing, the pool party shit,” he said. “Now, I know Fab gonna come,” he added before explaining that Fabolous will likely get dressed up all fly and stunt on everyone. 50 explained that now, he had to get extra outfits in preparation of Fab’s arrival but he did seem to think that maybe he could get Emily B to stop her man from coming.

“You know what, Emily, if you watchin’, right, don’t let that n***a go out,” he said. “Because, first off all, there’s gonna be too many bitches in his face. And he love you, right? He love you, I know he love you. It’s supposed to be family weekend anyway. It’s not Tycoon weekend for Fab. Fab, you supposed to stay in the house, n***a.” 

Peep the hilarious clip below.