50 Cent Trolls Diddy’s Son For Jay-Z-Esque Helmet Pic On A Surfboard


As part of our new category revamp, we introduced the “Antics” section, which encapsulates a breadth of crazy shit that your favorite rappers are doing on a daily basis. Did Lil Pump urinate on a stack of money again? Antics. Is Blac Youngsta lining his entire home with hundred-dollar bills? Antics. Did 50 Cent post… well anything? Antics. This could very well be a sub-category solely designed for 50 Cent’s wild posts on social media and as long as this article is concerned, it is. Last year, a meme was flying around of Jay-Z on a jet ski wearing a helmet, which just seemed so humorous for some reason. Perhaps Diddy‘s son Christian has replaced Hov as the next memeable entertainer to wear a helmet in the water because Fiddy just shared a photo of the boy surfing with some protective gear on his dome.

Given his select history with Puff Daddy, Fif decided to tell the legend that he’s not actually trying to start any beef with him over the photo, simply that he felt it needed sharing. “LOL I’m not starting shit, I’m just saying what the fuck is you doing puff?” asked 50 Cent before adding his signature hashtags. At first, Fiddy believed Diddy was in the shot before he realized that it was actually his son. The photo shows Christian Combs navigating the water on a board, holding on to a cord so that he doesn’t wipe out in the middle of the ocean.

Does this have the potential to be the next big meme of the summer? Only time will tell.