50 Cent Talks Michael Jackson Stans, Tycoon Madness & More On Breakfast Club


Anybody who came up during the early millennium likely holds a special appreciation for 50 Cent, short of Murder Inc. fanboys. As such, it’s been interesting to watch his development from biggest rapper in the world to a full-fledged television tycoon slash part-time cyberbully. Now, with the recently-premiered Power at the height of its popularity, Fif has taken a moment to hit up The Breakfast Club to talk shop. Naturally, his series talk is the first on the docket, kicking things off a proud declaration to “Team Tommy.”

Afterward, Envy shifts the conversation to the Tycoon Weekend, and Charlamagne wastes little time in inquiring after the more notorious antics. For one, the Bow Wow strip-club incident, that ultimately led to young Shad losing his Tycoon privileges altogether. 50 explains that he and his homeboys hit the club with the “entertainment budget” in hand, as to ensure the girls would have a genuinely fun time, and the fellas wouldn’t have to dip into their own personal funds. “We brought this to entertain the room so everyone has a good time,” explains Fif. “So the girls don’t feel pressured. This is not a ‘desperation twerk.’ They’re twerking cause we having a great time tonight. We just trying to change that vibe.”

And Bow Wow had the nerve to pocket some of the communal entertainment money. “It’s a little thirsty,” remarks 50. “It’s like you bring someone you know out to dinner and they want to take a doggy box. This was like a buffet, but you want a doggy box at a buffet?” Luckily, all has been forgiven, and Bow Wow’s probationary period has been lifted. Barring any unforeseen moments of debauchery. 

50 Cent Talks Michael Jackson Stans, Tycoon Madness & More On Breakfast Club

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After 50 takes a moment to explain his methodology in business, Charlamagne pokes fun at his ongoing Michael Jackson stance. “They don’t even let you have an opinion,” laughs Fif. “I didn’t know his daughter chimed in until I saw the article. The statement I made is that Chris is better than MJ right now. Look, there are artists that rap better than 2Pac right now because they got better. Over time, we got better.” Still, Fif has love for the King Of Pop, and that’s unlikely to change. “You think I wasn’t excited about the moonwalk?” he says. “I had the Billie Jean poster at my house! I was selling crack but I had the Billie Jean poster! The circumstances made me sell crack, Envy!”

Charlemagne isn’t ready to let him off the hook, especially not when the phrase “little boy’s butts” has been used. “That’s after!” says Fifty. “These are things you can’t escape, people! The man built Neverland. A cool place for kids to hang out. Had little boys sleepover. We not saying whether he touched the boy’s butts or not cause that’s not right. I said that because people attacked me first for my comment.” He explains that he was simply looking to tear down MJ’s Stans. “You love Michael Jackson so much, you would look past the little boy’s butts!” he says, incredulous. “But he has a body of work that’s that magnetic.” 

For more from the only and only Fofty, a hip-hop legend and a damn well-rounded entertainer, check out the full interview below.