50 Cent Shares Whether He Thinks Hip Hop Is More Violent Now ‘It’s The Same Energy, But A Different Period’


50 Cent recently unveiled his latest show Hip Hop Homicides, hosted by Van Lathan. The show explores the different unsolved homicides in the hip-hop community, including Soulja Slim, XXXTENTACION, King Von, and others.

The first episode explored the February 2020 murder of Pop Smoke. 50 made an appearance during the episode where Van Lathan asked the rapper and businessman whether or not he thinks hip-hop is more violent now than it was in the past.

“I think it’s the same energy, but we’re in a different period, so it looks different,” he said. “It’s gonna happen where everyone can take a look on camera.”

He then used the death of Nipsey Hussle as an example and said that the biggest difference between now and then is accessibility. “Because of social media, everyone’s involved now. Because those kids in middle America are clicking the fucking button to look and are fascinated with the killings because they’re living on a side so wild compared to the conservative lifestyle they’re having.”

You can check out 50’s thoughts below.