50 Cent Roasts Young Buck With FaceApp Old Age Challenge Amid G-Unit Feud


The constant infighting within the G-Unit camp is back on. After 50 Cent took a break to promote the upcoming final season of Power, he returned to regular form, trying out viral challenges and clowning his former friends. Fiddy has made several rare musical appearances this month, remixing “Big Rich Town” and popping up alongside Eminem on Ed Sheeran‘s “Remember The Name” and now that he’s galloped his way out of the studio, the rapper is back on Young Buck‘s neck. Trying out the FaceApp Old Age Challenge, Fif shared an image of what he expects to look like in thirty-forty years. He joked around that at that point, he would likely be launching the fortieth season of his hit STARZ show. Then, he took aim of his pistol and launched a shot at Buck, posting up with his old buddy and reminding him that he’s still got interest to pay on his loan.

“You know I’m all for payment plans when you ain’t got it, so you know get what you can together for me and let’s talk before Monday,” wrote the entertainer on a photo that’s supposed to show his former G-Unit compadre and himself together. Clearly, Fiddy doesn’t have high hopes that he’ll see his money in the next couple of years. He thinks it will take much longer.

Are you getting tired of the feud between 50 Cent and Young Buck? At this point, it’s pretty one-sided…