50 Cent Roasts Wendy Williams: "What Kinda Crack Make You Look Like This?"


The never-ending one-sided feud between 50 Cent and Wendy Williams has been very active this week and we’re sure that the rapper-turned-entrepreneur will be keeping himself busy with content throughout the weekend. Yesterday, it was reported that Wendy had served her husband Kevin Hunter with divorce papers at work, making the decision to end her marriage after Hunter admitted to having a baby with another woman. Wendy had stayed with her husband after she allegedly found out that he had been having a decade-long affair with his mistress Sharina Hudson and now, she’s apparently looking for a new place in Manhattan. 50 Cent couldn’t help but comment on the situation, calling out her “ET” appearance with a couple of photos and making fun of the talk show host with plenty of insults.

This morning, Fiddy came through with a terrible photo of Williams. Her eyes are popping in the shot, which she has attributed to her Graves’ Disease. 50 Cent may not have read up about her thyroid disorder because he figured that it was just her previous drug addiction making her look so bug-eyed. “What the fuck kinda Crack make you look like this,” wrote the musician. 

50 Cent then reposted a video from DailyMailTV where Williams’ split is discussed in depth, including sightings of the star without her wedding ring and reports that she has been paying all of Hunter’s bills. One again, Fif could not remain silent. “So when she look like ET, she gotta pay all the bills,” he wrote. Stay tuned for more trolling, which is bound to happen this weekend.