50 Cent Roasts Tank For Oral Sex Comments & Claims He’s Not Homophobic


Focusing mostly on the development of hit show Power, 50 Cent has been semi-quiet on the trolling front as of late. Usually, you can catch him online with the strap in both hands, aiming at his enemies and firing heavy shots to damage their reputations. We’ve seen him go at people like Floyd Mayweather, Wendy Williams, and even his former ally Young Buck. His feud with Buck was based primarily on Fif’s belief that the rapper is in a relationship with a transgender woman, which upsets him for some reason. Now, he’s going after singer Tank for similar comments that were made.

Weeks ago, Tank said during an interview that he believes two men engaging in oral “one or two times” doesn’t make them gay. In his eyes, it’s just some healthy experimentation. Well, Curtis Jackson doesn’t exactly fall in the same line of belief and he’s making sure everyone knows it. Despite many days passing since the last time 50 brought up this nonsense, he got back in his bag with more insults.

“Yo my man Suga Tank said you not gay if you 😵suck 🍆once or twice,” he wrote on social media. “What kinda shit is going on?” 

In the comments, Fiddy continued his onslaught when a fan asked him if he didn’t like gay people. The entrepreneur maintained that he has nothing against the LGBTQ+ community but that he still thinks Tank isn’t all the way straight if he really thinks this. “I’m just saying a straight man will never say no shit like that,” clarified 50.

How do you feel about this?

50 Cent Roasts Tank For Oral Sex Comments & Claims He's Not Homophobic