50 Cent Reportedly Denies Accepting Bitcoin For Album Sales Despite Previous Claims


50 Cent is known for trolling on the web and a number his trolling moves have resulted in him flexing his wealth as a way to stand up to the haters. He’s without a doubt pulled in some cash recently with his new underwear campaign, The Oath, and his continuing series Power. 

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But despite his previous claims raking in cash due to bitcoin sales on his 2014 album Animal Ambition, the rapper recently denied accepting any Bitcoin from the album. TMZ reports that Fifty filed a sworn declaration in bankruptcy court saying: “I have] never owned and do] not now own, a Bitcoin account or any Bitcoins.”

50 has tweeted about his involvement with Bitcoin before, so his statement in court does come as a little surprising. As we recently reported, a source close to the rapper said he prited over 700 Bitcoins in sales from Animal Ambition which – if calculated last month – was worth around $7 million. 

The publication reports that the “Window Shopper” rapper did, however, tell the court that his album may have been purchased in Bitcoin, but was converted to U.S. dollars without his knowing.

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