50 Cent Reignites Jackie Long Feud: "Sh*t Only Gonna Get Worse"


When 50 Cent wakes up in the morning after a restful night of sleep, he doesn’t worry about what he’ll have for breakfast or what his plans are for the remainder of the day. It would appear as though his first order of business is to pick out a target to berate for the week. His selection is usually pretty simple. He has to pick between Wendy Williams, Young Buck, Floyd Mayweather, and a number of usual suspects. As of late though, Fif has been diversifying his bullying techniques, expanding his range to those who are near and dear to him. Rotimi got the strap; Tony Yayo got the strap, everybody got the strap. At one point, Jackie Long was being victimized by the rapper and though it lasted for a short amount of time, the actor is back in Fiddy’s crosshairs.

Last night, the executive producer of Power came through to reignite his beef with Jackie Long, randomly bringing up the star on Instagram. Promoting Long’s show with his girl Angel Brinks, Fif came for blood. “@jackielong Bum ass done hit the [email protected] getting that TV money on wetv tomorrow at 10pm EST. 🤔so now I feel like they owe me, have it by Monday,” he wrote as his caption. The actor was not happy about getting dragged into the feud again, complaining in the comments section.

“I ain’t paying shit I gave you that LIL punk ass money go find something to do and keep me off your damn page I’m tired of social media shit,” said Jackie Long. “Why the fuck I’m on your page bro come on @50cent get the fuck out of here again n***a. Please get the fuck outta here. I don’t need to be on this shit people calling my phone. Where you get the energy for this shit. Night night n***a.”

50 Cent hit back by visiting Angel Brinks’ shop, posing for a picture in front of it and morphing back into the Petty King. Here we go again. Jackie, you better have that money by Monday.