50 Cent Reflects On Infamous First Pitch Fail


50 Cent has proved himself as one the game’s most long lasting personalities, and while he first made a name dropping the classic Get Rich Or Die Tryin, Fif has since added a few titles to his resume. After nearly fifteen years in the game, the rapper has dropped five studio albums, starred in movies, ventured into the business world, entered the television game, and mercilessly trolled any and all unlucky enough to stumble into his cross-hairs. Despite his reputation for no-holds-barred commentary and general aura mischief, 50 Cent has always managed to retain a certain composure. However, even he isn’t above a little bit hilarious failure. 

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You might remember back in 2014, when 50 took to Citi Field to throw the first pitch during a Mets-Pirates game. What followed was considered by many to be the worst celebrity-thrown first pitch in history. In a recent interview with Newsday, 50 Cent reflected on his now-iconic moment weakness. “Listen, no one warned me. No one said: ‘Risk versus reward!’ I would have kept my ass] in the stands. This is never going away.”

“They have baseball cards with me throwing the pitch – real baseball cards that they made!” he said. “I go, ‘Wait a minute: Who cleared this?!’ Whenever baseball comes up, there is no one worse than me, as far as throwing out a pitch. I had no idea that throwing a bad pitch would be so big. It was coming across CNN! ESPN, CNN, I was like, whoa, not the way I want things out here at the moment when I’m getting ready to run this music and I’m on CNN and it looks like my arm’s broken. I’m like, ‘What the expletive] happened to me?’ ”

He claims that he was simply “too amped up,” stating “this is what happens when the fanfare and the energy the people is involved and you start trying to get fancy and try to throw the ball harder than you have to. It just was the worst pitch ever . . . I had pitched before. I rehearsed. I practiced. I threw the ball a little bit…I was throwing like, ‘Oh, man, I’m about to throw a strike, a hundred miles an hour.’ But that expletive] damn near killed a cameraman!”

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For more from 50, check out the full interview here, and be sure to catch his new movie Den Of Thieves in theaters on January 19th.