50 Cent Mocks Kanye West for Getting Liposuction


50 Cent is known for mocking and trolling fellow rappers. One day after Kanye West said he got liposuction, the G-Unit General took aim at Yeezy.

“Wait what,” he wrote on Instagram. “That’s what a bitch do when she want a fat ass. LOL get the strap.”

West said liposuction led to his opioid addiction in 2016. “I was drugged the fuck out, bro,” he told TMZ. “I was addicted to opioids. I had plastic surgery because I was trying to look good for y’all. I got liposuction because I didn’t want y’all to call me fat like you called Rob at the wedding, and made him fly home before me and Kim got married.”


He went on to say that he is not following his doctor’s orders in regards to medication. “I’m not drugged out,” he said. “These pills they want me to take, three a day, I take one or two a week, maybe. Y’all had me scared myself, my vision.”

During that same interview, West made other controversial comments. “When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years? That sound like a choice,” he said. “You was there for 400 years, and it’s all y’all? We’re mentally in prison. Slavery goes to direct to the idea blacks. Slavery, Holocaust, Holocaust is Jews, slavery is blacks. Prison unites us as one race…We’re the human race.”

50 is no stranger to mocking fellow artists. Earlier this year, he joked about longtime rival Rick Ross, who was reportedly on life support at around the same time. After that, he mocked G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks for a rumored retirement.

Fif is now working on his long-awaited next album Street King Immortal, while Kanye finalizes a series projects, including his next solo effort and a Kid Cudi joint project, Kids See Ghost.

  • 50 Cent Mocks Kanye West for Getting Liposuction
  • 50 Cent Mocks Kanye West for Getting Liposuction