50 Cent Lavishes Erykah Badu’s "Sex Powers" After Trading Innuendos With Jill Scott


50 Cent isn’t being tight-lipped about his appreciation of Jill Scott. In fact, he’s gone out of his way to make certain everyone knows about his appreciation of Jill and her affable viewpoints. Think about this way, whatever attracted 50 Cent to a woman like Chelsea Handler in the first pace is adequately represented in Jill Scott. It’s become evident, 50 Cent engages with Scott in the same “uncouth manner” he did Chelsea Handler.

This time around, Jill Scott opened herself up to playful banter by insinuating that she if she were the lead protagonist of an action movie, she wouldn’t her kill shot for the sake of building up suspense. Although her comments lacked any connection to a real-life situation, 50 Cent was duly inspired by her conviction – enough for Fiddy to say, “Ok now Jill I think I’m in Love wit you. You are low key crazy as a mother fucker hun?” 

As she’d done in the past, Jill Scott felt obliged to answer 50 Cent in writing up her “open door policy.” I’m not fluent in “Jill Scott” but, “nobody has a bigger earned tick than you. Shaka Zulu,” reads to me like an invitation to get behind the covers.

Somewhere in all the confusion, Erykah Badu chimes in as well, but not in objection of their budding e-romance, but a response to the original thread question before it got derailed by sex talk of the Zulu variety. “UN safe,” Badu posted, at which point 50 Cent turned his attention to the other Neo-Soul songstress grazing the comments section. “This must be the danger zone. Your shit so good n—-s don’t even know where the fuck they are after they fuck with you,” he wrote to Erykah Badu. She did not respond.