50 Cent Joins Meek Mill’s "Cultural Ban" Against The Cosmopolitan Hotel


Meek Mill had an unfortunate encounter this past weekend at Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan hotel that showed the company’s true colors. The rapper recently revealed that he’ll be pursuing legal action against the hotel after he was refused entry and threatened to have the cops called if he didn’t leave. After Meek called for a “cultural ban” against the hotel, 50 Cent has pledged to boycott the establishment until they fix things with Meek. 

The Cosmopolitan may not see 50 Cent, or Fofty for that matter, at any point in the near future. The rapper/TV executive took to Instagram to put the Cosmo on blast with a touch of humor. “Damn Boy, they wouldn’t let meek in 😆HA Ha ha i know he was tight. LOL THEY FOUL for that, I won’t stay at the cosmo till this is resolved,” he wrote.

Meek’s lawyer said that the hotel has a list of African-American rappers that they refuse entry to which apparently not only includes Meek but also Yo Gotti and BlocBoy JB. Yo Gotti issued a statement saying that he’s faced similar discrimination at the Cosmo and other hotels in Las Vegas. 

The thing about the Cosmopolitan is that they’ve switched up their story ever since the incident happened. At first, they said Meek wasn’t allowed in because he was involved in an altercation with the hotel’s security in the past. Meek made it clear that never happened and asked them to present security footage which they refused. Afterward, they claimed the “real” reason behind why Meek was denied entry was because the Marquees Dayclub was at capacity.