50 Cent: "If You Don't Like Me, Stay The F–k Off My Instagram"


50 Cent has been on the receiving end some slight backlash following his comments on Instagram regarding Rick Ross’ health and Tiffany Haddish’s choice attire at the Oscars. While the jokes were likely meant in the name good fun (except the Rozay post… that was pretty cold,) 50 was getting heat sourcing from his IG content. The rapper, entrepreneur, and entertainment mogul fired back at the people making negative comments in his inbox, recording a video with one simple message: “If you don’t like my humor, then stay the fuck f my Instagram.” 

Fiddy couldn’t have made things any more clear. The message continues as Fif details that some parties were claiming he wasn’t cultured, likely stemming to his post about Tiffany Haddish and her tribute to her Eritrean roots. 50 clapped back, saying, “Muhfuckers out here talkin’ about, I ain’t cultured. I’m hip-hop culture…” Fif captioned the post with a similar message, writing, “Listen l never asked you to follow me. If you don’t like what l post unfollow me, please get the fuck outta here. Lol.”

50 is known to have a warped sense humor at times, which certainly came out this week as Rick Ross was in the hospital, sending shots his way in a brutal fashion. It doesn’t look like he will be slowing down anytime soon, so, I guess if you don’t like his content, better get to unfollowing.