50 Cent Gives "Director’s Commentary" To Jackie Long’s Explanation Video


50 Cent, that old familiar foe, has evolved into somewhat of an unexpected character of late: the money collector. Prone to breaking bones and spirits in an effort to collect what’s his, 50 recently found himself scoring a prize from the indebted actor Jackie Long. While the backstory skews on the side of long-winded, 50 originally moved to collect yesterday, when he informed Long that he was expecting an additional interest payment post-haste.

Despite Ray J and Nick Cannon seemingly moving to back Long, 50 ultimately received his due, and called off the barrage accordingly. “Me and @jackielong talked and after receiving a small cash app, we are squared away,” wrote 50, in a subsequent post. “I have no problem with Jackie. In fact, I’m wishing him and his family the best God bless. Positive Vibes only.”

While such a resolution suggested, well, a conclusion, clean breaks are never a sure thing where 50 is concerned. Noticing that Long had posted a video explanation with side of the story, 50 took a moment to offer up a director’s commentary of sorts, which play out like a humorous and disrespectful set of ad-libs. For the most part, 50 opts to play it characteristically brash, drowning Long’s attempts at rationality with further mischief. “LOL you gave me the money why you put this video up man we cool, you my boy,” writes 50, in the accompanying caption.

Methinks that DJ Envy summarized it best, in the comment section: “Moral of the story… Never owe 50 money.”