50 Cent & Fat Joe Unite To Put The Squeeze On Eif Rivera


Though 50 Cent and Fat Joe previously enjoyed a spirited tilt as foes on wax, the pair have since rekindled a friendship of sorts. Between marveling at the newly birthed “Svelte Joe” or simply busting his balls in a mischievous manner, 50 appears to have found a kindred spirit in Joe, albeit a far more affable one. Today, however, finds the pair uniting for a far more unfortunate reason. Unfortunate for director EiF Rivera, who has apparently found himself under the ever-present heel of Fofty, having missed that dreaded Monday deadline. 

Given that Joe and Rivera have worked together in the past on videos like “Stressin” and “Love Me Long Time,” 50 Cent called in his ally to apply some additional squeeze. “This guy owes me money @fatjoe and it’s Monday,” writes Fofty. “Director EiF Rivera, I have eyes and ears every where. Joe appeared to find the situation rather amusing and managed to find a temporary solution – which is to say, Joe lent Rivera the money himself, and thus took the debt upon his shoulders. “I just loaned him the money to pay you now he owes both of us,” writes Joe, in the comment section. Whether Fif’s kneecapper’s influence rubs off on him remains to be seen. 

Rivera opened up about the stress-inducing process via his own Instagram, likening 50 to his Power character Kanan. “I just want the world to know that this character Kanan which @50cent plays in Power is not at all a far fetch of who he is in real life,” begins Rivera. “I borrowed some money for a short film and it was the best and worst move ever. Unfortunately I didn’t pay him his money fast enough and I am now a victim of Fofty. Luckily @fatjoe paid my debt but now I owe him. Smh.”

Let this be a lesson. Should you find yourself borrowing money from 50 Cent, be sure to have a contingency plan set in place.