50 Cent Disses & Promotes Young Buck All At Once For Alleged Transgender Partner


Last month, 50 Cent decided to turn one of his old friends into an enemy. Young Buck had called him out for allegedly keeping him from releasing any new music and fulfilling the terms of his G-Unit contract. Buck still has a lot to offer but the powers that be appeared to be stopping him from exerting his creative freedom. Shortly after that, Buck became the victim of a brutal attack by 50 Cent when he exposed the rapper for having an alleged relationship with a transgender individual. As you know, sexual orientation is still a very touchy subject in the world of hip-hop. If you identify as anything other than heterosexual, you automatically become a niche rapper or get clowned online. Young Buck faced the bare minimum of humiliation that LGBT rappers have historically been subject to when Fiddy called him out and today, the tirade continued.

50 Cent Disses & Promotes Young Buck All At Once For Alleged Transgender Partner
Prince Williams/Getty Images

50 Cent tried out a different approach this time around, actually letting fans know that his former G-Unit compadre would be releasing an album soon. “He worked hard on this project,” said Curtis. Then, things took a turn when the message went from an encouraging promotional opportunity to a full-on roast. “I told him his personal choice to date a tran sexual will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine,” he wrote, adding his trademark hashtags at the end.

Young Buck will hopefully get over this situation, which has haunted him for months now. Keep an eye out for new music from Buck.