50 Cent Delivers Chilling Subliminal To Hospitalized Rick Ross


We all knew 50 Cent was cold hearted, but this recent post is dark, even for him. When news broke that Rick Ross was hospitalized over pneumonia, 50 wasted little time in clowning his longtime rival, throwing up an exaggerated and mean-spirited depiction the initial report. Fif’s casual mercilessness was no surprise considering his reputation, but it marked a stark contrast from the majority the hip-hop community. Now, 50 Cent has continued his Instagram onslaught, posting a seemingly innocuous picture Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. What makes the picture so callous is Drago’s infamous quote: “if he dies, he dies.” 

The image stems from the scene in which Drago stands over his rival Apollo Creed and issues the chilling remark. While 50 didn’t bother writing a caption, it’s fairly obvious that the subliminal post is directed at Rick Ross. Yesterday, TMZ claimed that Rozay was connected to life support machines, a claim disputed by some in the rapper’s camp. Still, it’s been a minute since we’ve had an update on Ross’ health; hopefully the Boss is well on the road to recovery.

The move is a strange one for 50, and not exactly a good look. For a man who once admitted to having many men wish death upon him, you’d think he’d be a little more compassionate. Clearly, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin rapper has no time, nor sympathy, for his enemies. While it wouldn’t be surprising to see 50 eventually remove this post, it’s clear that he would feel little remorse if anything were to happen to Ross.