50 Cent Continues To Troll "Game Of Thrones" Fans: "F*ck You & Your Flying Dragons"


50 Centrecently blasted all Game of Thrones fans through his most recent announcement surrounding the arrival of Power‘s sixth season. While it was previously reported that this would be the final season to the drama-series, the tension and shocking moments within the latest episode can only tease quite the upcoming season. Moreover, the hip hop mogul felt so confident about Power season six that he decided to let Game of Thrones fans know it would blow the fantasy-series out the water

While 50 already took shots at the franchise, he had more to get off his chest. The petty rapper continued trolling Winterfell fans further by posting a meme of Tyrion Lannister with his face slapped on it. The caption tied to that only added fuel to the flames as 50 proudly stated: “f*** you and your flying dragons.” As you can tell, the producer feels no sort of remorse behind his statements. He said what he said. And certainly, the statements are quite powerful considering the many records the latest and last season of Game of Thrones has broken. Yet, 50 Cent has never been one to not back up his claims. 

Power‘s final season is set to begin August 25th on Starz.