50 Cent Clowns Tony Yayo For Sucking Women's Toes


50 Cent is widely known as a mogul in both the music and entertainment worlds, leading his crew G-Unit and his solo career to tremendous heights and building successful television projects like Power. He is also quite the entertaining figure on social media, regularly posting jokes the crude variety and trolling his peers for the world to enjoy. While he was under fire last week for his posts about Rick Ross and Tiffany Haddish, the rapper continued his witty remarks, this time aiming at close friend and G-Unit member Tony Yayo

Fiddy posted a video their mutual friend speaking to former video vixen Karrine “Super Head” Steffans. In the clip, the two are giggling while exposing Yayo’s apparent foot fetish, as Steffans says she’s never had her toes sucked like Yayo did it. The video is funny throughout but it reaches a peak as she recalls that the best part for her, was that he “didn’t even take her] shoes f. He just sucked her] toes through the Gucci shoes.” Before cracking up in laughter, the video vixen says that his passion for her feet shows “dedication, purpose, and promise.”

It’s nice to know that Fif doesn’t even spare his G-Unit buddies from his consistent pranks. At least Yayo is living up to his “So Seductive” lyrics. Check out the full video below.