50 Cent Celebrates Himself & Shows Off Jewelry Pieces On Instagram


It’s been a while since 50 Cent has flexed his jewelry on Instagram, but on Friday he showed his followers exactly what he’s been spending his cash on. For months the rapper has squared off against people who he has claimed owe him money. The unlikely foes include Teairra Mari, Randall Emmett, Young Buck, and Jackie Long. Other celebrities have found themselves featured on 50’s Instagram page as the subject of a meme or two, but those jokes had nothing to do with the rapper wanting his debtors to run him his checks.

Fif still has a few more weeks until his birthday, but that doesn’t mean he needs to wait before lavishing himself with gifts. “Don’t ever accept failure,” the rapper says in one of his videos as he shows off the shining diamond pendant. “It’s that piece she had on in the Titanic,” he said before he attempted to blind viewers with his blinged out wristwatch. “You see me.” 

Also featured on Fif’s Instagram clips were various jewelry items shaped like King chess pieces but in different colors. Each piece had the name of Fif’s champagne Le Chemin du Roi—”The King’s Path”—on it as well. He didn’t share just how much he dropped for all the jewelry, but he did give details about his pendant. “20 in the center 7 karats on the side VS1 F color ask your jeweler I’m a big deal,” he wrote. On the other video, he said, “I treat my self good, 😟I gotta do it 😆HAPPY ME DAY.”