50 Cent Can’t Name Anything About Rick Ross’s Career That He Respects


There are some who call him the Prince of Petty and others who think his trolling is out of control, but wherever you stand on that sliding scale, 50 Cent will still move however he wants. The rap mogul has taken a break from his music career to focus on developing and sustaining his television series Power, and while the show may be coming to an end this season, there are plenty of spin-offs in the works to keep Fifty’s producer credits rolling in.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper recently sat down with Real 92.3’s Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed to talk about his music and television successes, but Fifty’s online antics couldn’t be ignored. “I have a strong personality,” Fif joked about being called petty. Then, Kev brought up Fif’s recent comments about Ross and the Power producer saying Ross didn’t have any value. Kev asked if there was anything about Ross’s career that Fif respected. There was a long pause.

“No, there’s nothing there. I never wanted to work with him,” Fif said. “Look, I understand from a perspective from someone who’s just listening to what it sounds like…but does it matter he’s a correctional officer? Does that even matter? Look at the irony of the artists that come under him.” The hosts name off Wale and Meek Mill. “Prison reform and all of the wrongfully convicted and wrongfully treated people in the prison system,” Fif added. “He’s on the whole other side of that. Just look at it.”

Fif made a comparison to Tekashi 6ix9ine saying when the rainbow-haired rapper is released from prison and starts putting out music again, there will be fans who will still love what he does. There will always be people who will look beyond whatever the circumstances are and just buy the records. Check out 50 Cent’s interview below.