50 Cent Calls for the Black Film Community To Start Casting Mo’Nique Again


50 Cent is known as of late for giving out of work actors jobs. Most notably, he found Geoffery Owens a role in Power Book II: Ghost after pictures surfaced of the former Cosby Show actor working at Trader Joe’s. Now, Fif is calling for the Black film community to start casting Mo’Nique again after she was blackballed following her Academy Award-winning performance in Precious.

Fif took to Instagram to call for Mo’Nique’s “uncancellation” in the industry. “I went to see @therealmoworldwide stand-up show [during] Super Bowl weekend. Oh shit! Was so good, she had my ass in a trance,” he told his followers over the weekend. “You gotta go check her out the shit was [fire].”

Fif shared in another post that he has to get Mo’Nique back acting again, maybe in one of his shows. “I gotta get @therealmoworldwide back in pocket,” he said. “We only [supposed] to cancel shit that ain’t good for the culture. We need you to WIN again now MO’NIQUE.”

In his last post, 50 wrote, “All in favour of @therealmoworldwide being back on top, say make it happen 50! STOP F*CKING AROUND.”

Mo’Nique was blackballed from the film industry following her Best Supporting Actress win at the Academy Awards for Precious for those who don’t know. In a recent interview, Mo’Nique explained that Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, and Oprah blackballed her and labeled her “difficult to work with” after she refused to do press for Precious without being compensated for it. She even told a story of how Tyler Perry and Oprah called her early one morning and told her to pack her bags and press the film without any prior notice.

Maybe we’ll see Mo’Nique hit the small screen soon in the Power universe.